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1. EATSLEEPCHIC SHOPPER is a personal styling service for both men and women. Here is how it works: 
Complete a profile and let us know your preferences, style, size, fit, occasion and budget by taking our Style Quiz. Letting us know how you currently dress, your aspirations helps our styling team get to know you better. 
Request a Personal Shopper and let us know what you're looking for and your budget.. Understanding your current needs helps our styling team ensure a personalized experience for you. 
You'll pay a $25 styling fee, which is credited to your purchase. This $25 fee starts your styling service experience. You will receive a preview of the pieces picked for you within 3-5 business days. You'll have the opportunity to make edits or confirm the box as is within 48 hours of your preview period. You only pay for what you select then the box is shipped. This is a completey personalized shopping experience. Instead of online shopping for hours online. We curate select pieces for your shopping pleasure.
Once your selections are confirmed, your box will be on it's way.
2. IS EATSLEEPCHIC SHOPPER A SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE? EATSLEEPCHIC is not a subscription service - there is no regular obligation or hidden fees. Boxes can be scheduled on your terms as you like: monthly, quarterly, or at any other specific interval you determine. You can set a a box schedule here.
3. CAN I CANCEL MY SHOPPER? Once you pay your $25 personal shopper fee the styling service has begun. The fee is non-refundable but you can exchange items during the preview stage.
5. HOW LONG TO GET EATSLEEPCHIC BOX? Once you request a box, a stylist will hand-select pieces just for you and email you a box Preview. You’ll have 48 hours to make edits to your order before it ships. Your pieces are usually shipped out within 7 business days. This process can take longer depending on the preview selection process.
6. HOW LONG DO I HAVE TO DECIDE ON MY CURATED PIECES? Once we send you your selections you'll have 2 calendar days to decide what to keep and what you don't like. You'll be able to select "replace" on items you want replaced for something different or "remove" for the items you want removed from your box completely. For the items you love simply press "add to box" and they will be added to your box.
7. WHEN WILL I BE CHARGED? The $25 styling fee is charged once you take your style quiz and opt in for the personalized shopper experience. After you select the pieces for your box you will be charged for any items you want in your box.
8. WILL I BE CHARGED IF I RETURN EVERYTHING? We don't accept returns. The $25 styling fee is non-refundable. (But remember, it is credited toward the personal shopping experience)
9. WHY A STYLING FEE? We charge a $25 fee to prepare the box curated just for you.
10. WHAT IS THE PRICE RANGE OF THE CLOTHING? Our prices typically range from $50 - $300 per item. We will use your budget preferences to help guide which items we choose for you so you get the most out of your experience. Just remember, you'll only pay for what you decide to keep in your box. Each Trunk has a $25 styling fee that's credited toward your final purchase.
11. DO I HAVE TO BUY ALL THE ITEMS? No, you only pay for what you like.
12. WILL I GET TO REVIEW THE PRICE OF EACH ITEM PRIOR TO SHIPPING? Yes. You will receive a digital box Preview of the items your stylist has selected for you. Price is shown here. Inside your box, there will also be a packing list with a breakdown of what items are included and the price of each.
13. WHAT SIZES DO YOU CARRY? We shop all shapes and sizes
14. DO YOU CARRY BRAND NAME? yes, we do carry luxe items.
15. HOW DO I SIGN UP FOR EATSLEEPCHIC SHOPPER? Simply take our style quiz, and we will do the leg work of shopping for you.
16. IS EATSLEEPCHIC SHOPPER AFFILIATED WITH EATSLEEPCHIC STYLE COMMUNITY? Yes, we are owned by the same company. Download the app. But if you’re not interested in a box just yet simply join our styling community app and make some fashion friends for free!
17. HOW OFTEN DO I GET A EATSLEEPCHIC SHOPPER? We only send boxes when you request them or on a selected schedule if you've chosen to be on a scheduled cadence.
18. CAN I GET A NEW RETURN SHIPPING LABEL? We do not accept returns.
19. CAN I TRACK MY EATSLEEPCHIC BOX? Once your box ships, you’ll receive a notification email with tracking information. You can also track your shipment on the EATSLEEPCHIC Style Community app.
21. WHAT IF I NEED EXTRA TIME TO DECIDE? Simply email us for extra days for your decisions. If after those days you haven't made a decision yet, you will have to request a new personalized shopping box.
22. HOW DO I EXCHANGE FOR A DIFFERENT SIZE? All our clothes are vintage so there are no exchanges. We only pick items based on your exact measurements you provide. We only allow exchanges based on certain criteria including damaged items or during the preview process
23. WHAT IF I KEEP EVERYTHING? You will be charged for everything you keep. Each item price is listed on the packing slip and on the preview.
24. DO YOU SHIP INTERNATIONALLY AND OR CANADA? We do but shipping pricing is up to the carrier.
25. DO YOU SHIP TO PO BOXES? Yes, we do.
26. WHERE DO YOU GET THE CLOTHING? We curate pieces from vintage shopping.
27. WHY DO I NEED STYLIST? We help you curate a cohesive wardrobe where you can try multiple styles for the multi hyphenated fashion lover. Even if you have a specific style its fun to have someone else do the work and help along the way.
28. EATSLEEPCHIC COVID 19 RULES AND REGULATIONS? We do not accept returns for any merchandise that didn’t work for you. Based on guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), the likelihood of commercial goods being contaminated is low. Currently there is no evidence showing COVID-19 has been transmitted through merchandise or imported goods. Based on guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO), there is likely very low risk of the virus spreading from products or packaging. Currently there is no evidence showing COVID-19 has been transmitted through merchandise or imported goods.